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Suomirock/folk/indie playlist & Finnish Tango

Moi! I asked my grilfriend if I could share her playlist she made for me a while ago of Finnish indie music, since I am not a metalhead, and so I thought maybe the non-metalheads here might enjoy! To give you a jist of the sound, we are both very artsy people who say "vibe" a lot and have a bit of a nostalgia for the 90's.


In addition to this, I wanted to briefly mention that Finland is not only famous for their metal, but also for tango music. Finnish Tango is held as a varient of tango, similar to how Argentina has their own variant, with a very melancholy feel and sound to it. If interested, i fully recommend looking into it, and I'll include one of my personal favourites here


mukavia kuunteluhetkiä!


June 26, 2020



I'm listening to the music right now and it's pretty good


I'll send your gratitude her way then!


I LOVE dancing tango and listening to tango music! I really really want to visit Finland at some point, and knowing that Finns even have their own tradition for tango makes for another reason to visit! Thank you for sharing!


You're welcome! I just discovered it a while ago and there are tons of playlist in Spotify of it. They also hold competitions in Finland, with the finns competing being a bit more reserved than an Argentinian dancer. They hold an annual tango festival in Sienäjöki also called Tangomarkkinat with around 500k viewers I believe. The music is really beautiful though, almost all being written in minor keys and usually very melancholy.


Oh yes, Finnish Tango is very much a thing.

There was an international tango boom in 1910s-1920s when it spread all through Europe (and North America too), Finland included, and after the biggest fashion wave had gone, it remained in the repertoire of ballroom dances...

But some of the developments and changes proved out to be really popular. The turning point was during WWII, during which for war effort there was of course a great deal of upbeat, spirit-rousing, even propagandish music done but most of it was not well-liked at all, instead people wanted to listen to Henry Theel and Olavi Virta sing melancholic tangos like "Liljankukka" or "Siks oon mä suruinen", and that style has continued and developed into its own.

So there are some notable musical differences to Argentinian tango, almost all is in minor key, the rhythm is simpler, lyrical themes are different etc.

And let's say that Finnish music in general has plenty of sad, melancholic, minor key songs, better get used to it if one wants to explore it :)


I am quite used to Finnish music being melancholic because that emotion is quite prevalent in the genres I listen to. But on the other hand I see mentions on Finland being the happiest country on earth. That is a bit puzzling I say. I know that winter months with their darkness seem to affect a lot of people there, my sister had a friend there who complained quite seriously about having depressive feelings during the winter months. Foreigners seem to perceive Finnish people as being quite introvert, even to the point of actually judging them on that.

Regardless, still a fascinating language and culture


My favorite : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FYUUUPImaY

Hurjat Hipit = Frantic Hippies, (Sounds a lot like Uriah Heep...) Mopoileva Muurahainen = The moped driving ant.

Kun höpöilevä taliaivo potkas Erkkiä, niin mopoileva muurahainen näytti nyrkkiä. = When forfunning fatbrain kicked Eric, the moped driving ant waved it's clenched fist.

Kun höpöilevä taliaivo kävi eskaria, niin mopoileva muurahainen näytti keskaria. = When forfunning fatbrain went to little kid's school, the moped driving ant waved it's middle finger.

Kun höpöilevä taliaivo potkas Neukkua, niin mopoileva muurahainen näytti peukkua. = When forfunning fatbrain kicked the russkie, the moped driving ant waved it's thumb.


I have been listening Finnish music for about 20 years I think. First mostly the English metal stuff, more recently more 80s HC punk (Kaaos/Mellakka/Terveet Kädet) postpunk like Musta Paraati and rock like Veljä Ruusua, some rap/hiphop too. And Kotiteleossuus


Love it!!! Thank you

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