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"I prefer to watch a fiction movie, and you?"

Translation:Je préfère regarder un film de fiction, et toi ?

June 26, 2020



Why is "Je préfère regarder un film de la fiction, et toi ?" not correct? Earlier, the translation for "It's fiction" was "c'est de la fiction"


Fiction isn't a regular noun here, it's a qualifier for "un film" so the article goes with "film" not "fiction".


I am wondering the same thing. Bizarre.


so, is there a genre of film in France called "film de fiction"? If so, what's its equivalent in English? I've never heard of a genre of cinema referred to as "fiction movies". In movie disclaimers, don't they refer to characters that are fictional and the movie as a "made-up dramatisation"


I don't think we really have one, we would usually just say "movie" as movies are generally assumed to be fiction anyway unless you specify that it's a documentary.


what's a fiction movie


Why 'toi' and not 'vous'?

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