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  5. "Good dog!"

"Good dog!"

Translation:Kiltti koira!

June 26, 2020



Hyvä is more appropriate than kiltti. Kiltti means kind first and foremost.


Not hyvä poika? :(


I don't understand exactly the meaning of hyvä... Could anybody please explain it to me?

I know you can wish someone's day to be a hyvää päivää;

You can also cheer - hyvä Aino! Hyvä Suomi!

One can also have a hyvä ystävä, for instance

So, it means something like great, excellent, good in quality? Or could it also be translated as kind, as in "my brother is such a good boy!"?


It plainly and basically means ''good''. If it's at the beginning, it's usually an idiom which could be 'go'...as if you're cheering someone on. In the case you put there with ystävä...then that's just 'good friend'. It seems to depend on the context and what makes since in English as well.


Hyvä means good.

It's used in greetings just like in English: "good morning", "good afternoon", "good night".

When you are cheering, you shout "hyvä Aino" meaning something like "you are doing well, Aino" or "I wish you do well"

And "hyvä ystävä" simply means "a good friend".

"Hyvä" can't really be translated as "kind". Although "hyväsydäminen" means "kind-hearted".


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Isn't the partitiv used here since it's an exclamation?

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