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"Hänellä on ruotsalainen auto."

Translation:She has a Swedish car.

June 26, 2020



SAAB vai Volvo.


I think he/she should definitely be accepted but what about auto? Is auto always car? Or can auto be vehicle? I didn't flag because I am not sure :)


You can always flag it, and then the contributor team will be the judge... ;-)

Strictly speaking, vehicle in English is ajoneuvo in Finnish, something along the lines of "driving tool". But I have to say that we don't have the same level of granularity (or obsession) when categorising vehicles as North Americans sometimes seem to have. For example, what you call a truck (the kind of truck one would use as a personal vehicle) is still just a car for us. Of course, if you ask someone passionate about cars, specific words do exist, but they aren't part of the common vocabulary.

Ajoneuvo includes any vehicle on land that doesn't go on rails. So for example a bus, which can be translated either as bussi or as linja-auto ("line car"). If you want to include even more types, such as trains, boats, and planes, the word is kulkuneuvo or kulkuväline (both "going tool").

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