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  5. "What size is that shirt?"

"What size is that shirt?"

Translation:Mitä kokoa tuo paita on?

June 26, 2020



It should be Mitä kokoa tuo paita on?


Yes, indeed, the verb is missing... Did you report it? If not, do it next time you come across is so that the moderators see it.

[deactivated user]

    I reported the missing verb. I submit this comment for the benefit of the volunteers.


    Jee :-)

    (As a former Duolingo addict, I can tell you that it's "fun" to report something and then see in the comments that you've reported the same thing maybe even years earlier... But then it's also amazing to get a message that something you reported in a course you haven't touched for months or years was finally accepted!)

    [deactivated user]

      Really? You get a message when they accept your report? Wow. Never expected that!


      Yes, I guess it depends on your settings (and I think they may have changed those, since I can't find the right one anymore...), but I get an email from Duolingo with the heading "Your suggestion was accepted!", just as I get an email when someone has replied in a discussion thread that I'm following. It's very satisfying!


      The "on" is the verb.


      Apparently there was no verb in the answer before but it has now been corrected


      Minkäkokoinen tuo paita on. is also accepted.


      Mitä kokoa tuo paita on?


      Exactly what I wanted to report..


      And I already started to wonder if "kokoa" is a verb meaning "being of size"... xD reported.


      Did it still not have "on"? It has been added, and shows at the top of this page for me, but I guess it'll take another week or so before it's there on all versions...

      But kokoa is indeed a verb :-D It's the singular imperative of koota, which means to assemble or to gather together. But yes, not quite the verb needed here.


      I answered with one of the answers given by touching the underline and it still said I was wrong.


      The hover hints don't take context into account, so all the hints might not be correct for the sentence in question (but they are correct for some other). It's more like a dictionary (which isn't always very helpful).

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