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  5. "Olet rehellinen nainen."

"Olet rehellinen nainen."

Translation:You are an honest woman.

June 26, 2020



Honest is pronounced 'onnest', so it is always 'an honest...' Too hard to say 'a onnest...'


The H isn't silent tho, I have always been taught that in English if the word starts with H then you use A not AN


The H in honest is silent (as I said above it's pronounced 'onset'), so it is AN honest man. Same with hour and honor - AN hour and AN honor - because both are pronounced as if the H is not there. English is a notorious difficult language for pronunciation and spelling - what you see is not what you get, unlike Finnish. I am a English speaker and have taught English to non-English-speaking students and I am constantly amazed at how difficult it is (and in admiration of the many people who master it as a second or third language). In the case of honest, hour and honor, 'an' is used because it flows.


And for university or unicorn, it's A university and A unicorn, right? Because it starts with a j sound (like the Finnish j)


The sound for RE here seems like a TRE


It may sound like that because it connects to the t in olet.


Can anyone tell me how to turn on speaking practice? I checked my settings and it is on, but i never get any speaking exercises.


Why am i getting more than 50% of listening exercises when i am doing hard practice of a completed lesson? For hard practice i think typing the Translation in the language you are learning is the most appropriate. But listening is the least appropriate.


"a honest" should be accepted. As a native english speaker, I would never write "an honest"


I hear a T at the beginning of the word rehellinen, is that correct?


That's just the t from olet. It sounds OK, I think.

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