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"I prefer gold jewelry, don't you?"

Translation:Je préfère les bijoux dorés, pas toi ?

June 26, 2020



Why not en or?


that would be :" I prefer jewelry made of gold, don't you? "


I would like to understand the nuances: referring to the material I have to use "en or" or "made of gold", (golden) referring to the color I should use "doré" or "golden" (goldfarbig oder goldfarben) and if it just pretends to be gold it is either "gilded"/"gold-plated" (vergoldet) - but is there a French word for it? I found "cuivré" as technical term, but that sounds more like "copper" to me.

(in brackets: the German version)


plaqué or = gilded . plaqué argent = silver-plated and yes cuivré= color of copper

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