Translation:Thank you!

June 26, 2020



hilsener fra norge! <3


Hilsner fra Danmark her!


It seems that in further lessons, kiitos stands for please. Why is this not accepted here?


On its own it's "thank you". Finnish doesn't really have a word for "please", so we use "kiitos" instead, but if you wanted to shout e.g. "Please! I beg you!" the "please" there would most naturally translate to "Ole kiltti!" (be kind).


I'm afraid it cannot be translated to "please" in a standalone sentence. "Yes, please" or "Coffee, please" is ok, but somehow I can't think of a situation where you'd say only "kiitos" in the sense of "please" rather than "thank you." When you say just "Please!" we might also say just "Pliis!" (not everyone use that, it's more common for younger people) or ask it more wordily, like you'd say "Is there no way...?" or such.


Is the "s" sound pronounced as an english S or Sh? Or maybe it is close to the greek "s" sound. I'm sorry for not being able to guess it.


It's an "s". However, since there's really only one type of "s" in Finnish, you don't have to stress too much about pronouncing it exactly "right". You'll be understood regardless. :)


As a finn i can hear the s in the end clearly.

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