"Il avait une façon de s'habiller très originale."

Translation:He had a very original way of dressing.

June 26, 2020

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What about: Il avait une façon très originale de s'habiller. (?)


I find it more natural.


"He had a very original style of dressing." not accepted 20/7/20. C'mon Duo, this nitpicking over synonyms is getting ridiculous. Collins French Dictionary has "style" as its primary translation of "façon".


He used to dress in a very original way. Marked wrong. Why?


Is there anything wrong with adding "himself" at the end? "s'habiller" is reflexive isn't it? (I realise it's not necessary but I don't think it's incorrect) I shall report it.


No, in English we wouldn't say "dress himself" unless, referring to a toddler for example, we were marvelling at the way he was already able to dress himself.


Why not ''une façon très originale de s'habiller'' ?


He used to have a very original way of dressing. Accepted 20/04/21


Every time I click to repeat the phrase, Duolingo is not working and marks it as a mistake !


His way to dress used to be very original. Why not say it this way, too?


I am confused again! If the description of 'very original' refers to 'facon', why is the description put right after 'dressing'? "He had a way of very original dressing" was marked wrong. ok I accept that this sounds clumsy in English but Duo so often requires the use of clumsy or plain wrong English usage, it is difficult to know when to say what!


The très originale describes une façon de s'habiller, not just façon.

I find it helpful to bear in mind what one of our Mods wrote: that the exercises originate with a French phrase. This is certainly a construction you will encounter in French "in the wild".


how about "a very original dressing style"


Oh come on, Duo! Look at this translation --- "He used to have a way of dressing very originally. " It might not sound a traditional way of speaking in English, but it has no problem. BTW, your way of speaking English does not sound totally English either. :)


Your sentence, in effect, has the adverbial phrase, "very originally" modifying the verb, "dressing". Duo's sentence has the adjective, "original" (modified by the adverb, "very") modifying the noun, "way". While your sentence essentially means the same thing, it doesn't match the French sentence grammatically.

This may be splitting hairs, but I think that, when Duo rejects a response, it's often for that reason. Nonetheless, you should report your answer, to see if it can be added to the database.

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