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"Je voudrais manger n'importe où, j'ai faim !"

Translation:I would like to eat anywhere; I'm hungry!

June 26, 2020



"I would like to eat just anywhere, I'm hungry!" Originally I put it "anywhere" without "just", but changed it to accord with Duo's hint. Then it wasn't accepted. How confusing!


Why do you need to put in the like. I think I would eat anywhere, I'm hungry, is the same thing


I would eat. Je mangerais. I'd like to eat. J'aimerais (voudrais) manger. I'd like to eat wherever; I'm hungry! Je voudrais manger n'importe où, j'ai faim !


Yes i agree, i would like to eat anywhere, is just nor a colloquial ir usual way to translate this.


It's not a colloquial sentence, just standard register.

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