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"Kello on jo kaksitoista. Haluaisin syödä lounasta."

Translation:It is already twelve o'clock. I would like to eat lunch.

June 26, 2020



Haha, Finnish people eat lunch notoriously early. Most places open at 11, some even 10:30.

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Just guess how painful it is for Finns to be visiting a place where the breakfast is very light and 'lunch' gets eaten around afternoon :^) It's a good catch from the course team, also from my experience it's a real thing.

In Finland the dinner (päivällinen) time comes quite early too, could be around 17 (or 5 pm). After it there's still iltapala (supper) in the evening, maybe from 20 o'clock until late night.


Back when I was a kid, most people I knew ate dinner promptly at 5pm. But back then typical office hours were 8 to 4.

Now there is more flexibility, office hours have slid more towards 9 to 5, and kids have a looot more afternoon hobbies. At least the people I know eat around 6 or so. And of course you need an iltapala! :-)

(In some dialects, supper is just a synonym for dinner, though. And in some, dinner can be the meal eaten at lunchtime, if that is the hot meal of the day.)

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I may well have somewhat outdated conceptions because I haven't lived with that kind of close family in a while. For me the dinner usually is around 4 to 6 because usually my hobbies begin after that and it's absolute pain to be there if you are hungry. Another reason tied with young(-ish) adults' situation is that many campus restaurants close around 5 so to get food you need to be on time.

And yes, I know about supper but I once had serious hard time when trying to translate iltapala and it was probably the closest I could think of. Can you come up with other or more accurate translations or should we introduce iltapala into English language? 8) (edit: for some reason "evening snack" just sounds so wrong to me)


"...I would like to have lunch" is not accepted. I personally think it should.


In Scotland 'dinner' or even 'tea' is the main evening meal with 'supper' being a light snack before bedtime. In England one would partake of 'afternoon tea' about 4.00 p.m. with 'dinner' or 'supper' being the main meal about 7.00-7.30 p.m.

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