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  5. "Here you are, one steak."

"Here you are, one steak."

Translation:Yksi pihvi, ole hyvä.

June 26, 2020



I wrote Ole hyvä, yksi pihvi – that's correct too isn't it?


no, they wrote it in the notes, it has to come at the end


I think it isn't correct because it makes it seem like you are addressing the steak rather than the person. I believe it is in the notes page :)


"Ole hyvä, yksi pihvi" can't be wrong. I am sure there are lots of people who say it in this word order. Thank you for changing this in your acceptable sentences.


Pihvi is the same as one pihvi


I think they dont allow that because in english, it specifically says "one" steak


ole hyvä, yksi pihvi

That is a literal translation from THE ENGLISH, if you can even consider "ole hyvä" to be something other than "it is good"


I has to be: "Yksi pihvi, ole hyvä" If you say "Ole hyvä, yksi pihvi", it will be pretty weird. It is nearly always in end of the sentence. Btw "ole hyvä" is literally command to "be good". "Ole" is Be, singular 2. person, imperative. "Hyvä" can be translated as good or kind or nice in that context.

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