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  5. "I am Finnish."

"I am Finnish."

Translation:Minä olen suomalainen.

June 26, 2020



Would “minä olen soumalainen“ also be correct?


Yes, you can also include the pronoun, but it's not necessary. The -n in "olen" already tells the listener you are talking about yourself.


Olen vs. olet, yes?

I don't mean to jump the gun and get ahead of the lesson, but is this typical for verbs? -N will be first-person?


Yes this is how the verbs are generally conjugated. Mina olen, sina olet, mina jatkan, sina jatkat. etc


Is "suomalainen" always lowercase? I've noticed that "herra" and "rouva" likewise are not capitalized... How do proper nouns in Finnish differ from English?


Most things, like titles, nationalities, weekdays, months, holidays (unless they are loans like "Halloween") etc. are not capitalised. So you write e.g.

Monday - maanantai

January - tammikuu

Christmas/Yule - joulu

If you write names of books, films etc. only the first word is capitalised (unless there's a name in the title):

The Lord of the Rings - Taru sormusten herrasta

Hmm, I'm sure there are other (major) differences, but I can't think of anything else at the moment... In general capital letters are not really used all that often.


Those are all common nouns. Proper nouns are capitalized in Finnish, common nouns are not, even though some are in English (like nationalities or titles).


"Mina" is Gone?

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