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"Suomi on pieni mutta kaunis kieli."

Translation:Finnish is a small but beautiful language.

June 26, 2020



I'm guessing by "small language" it means that not very many people speak it but I haven't heard any English speaker refer to a language as small in this way?

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Your guess is correct. It's an idiomatical saying in Finnish though, and I believe getting the meaning across otherwise would be difficult.


Ah, that makes a lot more sense. I thought it meant there are not as many words in the vocabulary.


Suomi on todella kaunis kieli :)


Pieni kieli, same as suuri kieli in another lecture, seem to be strange expressions in Finnish, too. Native speaker spouse said she would never naturally use that.


Is the given answer correct? I thought that - Suomi = Finland - Suomea = Finnish language



Please fix this - a language is not small in English. Can we change this to infrequently used, or uncommon language... ???


I think it's better maybe to say Finnish is a lesser known but beautiful language, which is true.


A language being "small"?


Less common, or not widely spoken. This is just how it has to translate to English. It would be incorrect and potentially confusing for learners if Duolingo asked for "uncommon" when the Finnish sentence says "pieni". When learning a language we should be meeting their standard, not expecting them to meet our standards, even if that means being grammatically incorrect in our language.

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