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Translation:to ride

June 26, 2020



Does it specifically mean to ride a horse?


It can be used when taking a ride on any animal, be it a horse or a hippo or an elephant or even a dragon. But not on a bike or a car or a bus.

[deactivated user]

    So actually the description "to ride" is too broad and needs specification or at least limitation of its meaning. I am glad you specified that!


    So what verb would you use for "ride" a bike - either a bicycle or a motorbike?


    "Ajaa", which means to drive, is used for driving a car as well as riding a bike. When using public transport like trains or buses, I'd probably just use "mennä", to go, or "tulla", to come.


    That makes sense. Thanks for the quick response!


    For cycling it's pyöräillä; for motorbike moottoripyöräillä; for moped mopoilla; and for a car autoilla.

    But e.g. in the case of a scooter, we don't say 'skootteroida' or such, but simply "to drive (by) _" which can be used for any of the former ones too; ajaa pyörällä/ moottoripyörällä/ mopolla/ autolla/ skootterilla.


    That's really helpful. Kiitos.

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