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  5. "Here you are, one coffee."

"Here you are, one coffee."

Translation:Yksi kahvi, ole hyvä.

June 26, 2020



Would it work to say it in the other order: "Ole hyvä, yksi kahvi"?

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You would get understood but in common usage it's more natural to use the suggested yksi kahvi, ole hyvä. Thinking of that kind of situation, I'd say that people expect the sentence to end with ole hyvä.

Ole hyvä in the beginning is more likely to be used in formal and polite requests or direct orders such as olkaa hyvä ja poistukaa (please, [we demand that you] leave).


Well, you could also say "Tässä, ole hyvä - yksi kahvi". Or "Olkaa hyvä, yksi kahvi". Both are perfectly fine, commonly used forms used in restaurants.

This sentence would be something a waiter would say when bringing the order. Politely handing over the item, and confirming out loud the order.

If you wish to order a coffee, you would say "yksi kahvi, kiitos" (one coffee, please).


According to the tips and notes, it would be like addressing the coffee.


Ole hyva isnt use more as "you are welcome"?

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Yes, it can be used in that sense too. To elaborate it further, ole hyvä can be used when:

  • handing over something, as in "here you go" (like in this exercise), or
  • someone thanks you, you can reply with ole hyvä or ei kestä kiittää which correspond to "you are welcome".


The phrase 'ole hyvä' seems almost identical to Norwegian 'vær så god' or Swedish 'var så god', which means 'be so good'.

Was Finnish based on a Scandinavian phrase, or did the Scandinavian languages calque the phrase from Finnish?


Is it ok to just say: "kahvi, ole hyvä?"

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