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"Istun kahvilassa ja syön piirakkaa."

Translation:I am sitting in a café and eating a pie.

June 26, 2020



Answer should be "eating a pie/eating pie" not "eat a pie"


It happens far too often, that the words of the English translations (as the 'supposed to be correct answers') are in the wrong order. This is not only annoying, it also gives me the feeling that while I am practicing Finnish, I'm unlearning English.


Most people don't eat "a pie" in a cafe. You eat a pie at home when you're alone and depressed.


i guess you could translate as "eating pie", which would be more how you would express this in English (given there are no articles in Finnish... its crazy that duolingo will mark you wrong for missing one)


"I am sitting in the café and I'm eating pie" should be surely be accepted? Reported for consideration.


It is also not clear when this is happening right now or it is a general statement. Is it possible to use present tense for both verbs here (sit... eat)


yes, I'm not sure why 'I sit in a café and eat a pie' would not be acceptable...


I've heard that translating a verb into the simple aspect is only possible if a countable object is accusative.

So 'Istun kahvilassa ja syön piirakan': "I sit in a café and eat a pie".

But 'Istun kahvilassa ja syön piirakkaa' can be either continuous aspect "I'm sitting in a café and eating (a) pie", or simple aspect with no article before pie: "I sit in a café and eat pie".

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