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  5. "Miksi sinä tiskaat? On yö!"

"Miksi sinä tiskaat? On yö!"

Translation:Why are you doing the dishes? It is night!

June 26, 2020



The sentence is a little awkward. Maybe change to "Why are you doing the dishes? It is late(myöhä)"


The English sounds off too, a better translation might be: "Why are you doing the dishes? It's night time." In England we actually say "Why are you washing up?", so that should be allowed too.


I agree. "Washing up" should definitely be included. It's the standard phrasing in the UK.


still not allowed on 27.10.2021!!!


I thought the subject pronoun couldn't be dropped in third person like first and second person. Why isn't the second sentence "Se on yö"?


It appears that Finnish doesn't have dummy subjects. Consider the English sentence "it is raining". There is no "it" really. It's just there to make the sentence grammatical. But Finnish doesn't work that way.


It is also correct in English to ask : Why are you doing dishes?


You can omit koska?


I think it's more implying a single speaker, so essentially asking, "Why are you doing the dishes now, at night?"


Is Why are you doing dishes (without the the) not acceptable because that would make it partitive?


Time for some landeskunde

Practically all households have astiankuivauskaappi or a dish drying cabinet. While there were different dish drying racks already in use for instance in Sweden, the inventor Maiju Gebhard from the Finnish Work Efficiency Institute took a on-table standing model and put it into a cabinet above the kitchen sink. This way you do not need to separately dry the dishes, rather standing in an upright position the water rinses off by itself, thereby saving time and trouble.


I've seen those in videos, I wish we had them here in America.


The last several sentences have all been in English - both questions and answers. But they're marked wrong because it's not in Finnish. Is it just me, or something else. I upgraded to Plus last week.


It is night is very odd in British English. It is night time is much more natural.


Wondering why I can’t saying. Why are you washing the dishes. ? Very typical where I live

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