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Accent Corrections

I notice that now, Duolingo rarely if ever points out that I forgot to use an accented character when I don't use any accented characters to spell a word that's supposed to have at least one, but it still points out the correct use of accents without penalizing me when I put an accented character in the wrong place, or use the wrong accent mark. It used to just always point out where an accent mark should go regardless of whether my mistake was a misused accent mark or not using an accent mark at all when I should have, and this has led me to a lot of confusion and using external applications to spell-check certain words, making my learning experience unnecessarily tedious. Was this change intentional? Is it something everyone learning French on Duolingo experiences or just me? Is there any way this change can be reverted on my end?

Thanks in advance for reading my concerns.

June 26, 2020



It’s just you.

KIDDING! There are dozens of posts about it on the forums. It affects Spanish, too, and maybe Portuguese and Italian. It’s just a choice Duo made.

Timor mortis conturbat me.


Generally I still get the "pay attention to the accents" admonishment on the French-to-English translations. I do not see them on the Type What You Hear exercises anymore, and haven't for a long time.

If you want a more rigorous taskmaster, try bonjourdefrance.com, which is also free. There, you will get counted wrong if the answer is dégoutante but you write degoutante. No partial credit.


Actually, it's dégoûtante. ☺


It seems "dégoutant" is one of the new accepted forms in the 1990 reform. Still the traditional form is more common.


From what I've been reading on the forums, this is affecting mostly, and perhaps only, questions that have audio content. And, yes, it is extremely annoying. I've started hitting the Discuss button whenever I have the slightest doubt about whether I've made a mistake with diacritical marks. When I do this, I'll see the correct answer displayed at the top of the page. But it's a nuisance. Diacrtical marks can change not only the pronunciation of a word but also its meaning. In Swedish, a, ä, and å are not even considered the same letter, even in the alphabetization in dictionaries.

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