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  5. "'s Maandags werken wij niet."

"'s Maandags werken wij niet."

Translation:On Monday we do not work.

August 4, 2014



's Woensdags dragen we roze.

In all seriousness, can someone explain what " 's " stands for (if anything), and what the purpose of the apostrophe is?


There used to exist a word in Dutch, des, which was part of the 'genitive' case -- the genitive case was used, among other things, to indicate time, e.g. des maandags.

The word is now archaic and isn't used in everyday speech, and the 'genitive' case distinction no longer exists in Dutch, but they still use 's as a shortened form of des, to indicate time.


So you could also say "op Maandag(s)"?


For PRONOUNCING 's, do I basically just say "Smaandags"?


If a sentence begins with 's, is the first letter of the word that follows always capitalized, rather than the 's?


It's the same with 'k Heb and 't Is etc. I quite like it, to be honest. Looks good. Goed bezig, Dutchies!


What’s the difference between ‘op’ and ‘’s’?


Can someone explain if that word " 's Maandags " means that on ALL monday or just ONE monday ? Please .


I'm just another fellow Dutch student, but I think that if it was just 's maandag without the 's' at the end, it would mean the upcoming Monday, not every Monday..


No, Kristynka, the s at the end of maandag is there because it is a genitive (possessive) form: des maandags. 's Maandags means either "on Monday" or "on Mondays".


Is there a difference between maandags and maandagen? Or can they be used interchangeably like appels and appelen?


I think in this case the s in maandagS was added because of the 's before it, and the right plural for maandag is maandagen :)


Appels and appelen cannot be used interchangeably. Appelen is not the plural form of appel. You may be confused about this because it is true for potatoes.

Potato= aardappel, plural aardappels or aardappelen. Apple=apple, plural appels.

When in doubt, check our leading dictionary, the Van Dale dictionary: http://vandale.nl/


Well according to that link you can say appelen, and I was taught on here by one of the moderators that you can use appelen and appels interchangeably, although appelen is perhaps a bit archaic now.


Should the English read "on Mondays"! "On Monday" means on one Monday in the context of the discourse. Whereas "on Mondays" would be every Monday in the week.


On Mondays is accepted. While 's Maandags can indicate that it is a reoccurring thing, it can also be used when it only happens once.

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