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  5. "Is that juice or soda pop?"

"Is that juice or soda pop?"

Translation:Onko tuo mehua vai limonadia?

June 27, 2020



The word "limonadia" sounds wrong. It shouldbe more like limon[ah]dia instead


Kiitos. I was wondering about that


True. The right pronunciation in Finnish is in fact such as you have already described.


It sounds as if she is saying "limoneidia" (suomi aksentti), instead of "limonadia".


Why is the partitive used here for "mehua" and "limonoadia"?


It's for the same reason that the question in English is not "Is that a juice or a soda pop?". We are talking about a category. :)


I think you just fixed my "why and what is partitive" problem. I've been doing this skill for days and am still very confused. But thanks, I think this will really help! Heck, take all my lingots.


I wonder about this, too.


Duolingo would better correct the question and change by 'Is that juice or soda?'.


I used "tai" and it was accepted. But why is "vai" also valid? It can't be both juice and soda at the same time, right? Maybe I just don't understand vai and tai, but I thought vai is an inclusive or, and tai is an exclusive or.

Edit: Nevermind. They are actually the other way around. I got them confused. After some research I found something that explains the difference.

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