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"Tu passeras le balai partout c'est sale."

Translation:You will sweep everywhere where it's dirty.

June 27, 2020



"...everywhere where..."

I guess they were just going for a literal translation from French, however awkward in English. This isn't the first time I have noticed this in the new exercises. I know that duolingo has recently switched to a paid staff instead of volunteer contributors. Most of the time you get what you pay for. I'm not sure that this is one of those times.


Recv'd notification (10/07/2020): "You will sweep everywhere it's dirty" is now accepted. Good reporting team!

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Yes the English translation is awkward. Many of these new exercises seem to be quite specific about what they accept as correct. I just keep reporting these.


"wherever" = " everywhere where". There's a reason for the word "wherever". It saves time....


We will be glad "where" is there when it's time to reverse translate on the next level, where "ou" is required in the French. Other variations should be reported, as many of us know from previous revisions of the tree.


true Angus, its odd how it bothers us, but I think we should stay positive and realize that its the understanding what has been communicated thats important, I from sussex and my I sound a odd to may relatives in Notingham as they sound to me.


what about "You will sweep wherever it is dirty"?


Exactly what I said: 'you will sweep wherever it's dirty'. I'll suggest it should be accepted.


Idiotic translation AGAIN!


Spoken English translation like "pass the broom wherever it's dirty" should be acceptable instead of a very literal translation


"You will sweep wherever it is dirty" should be accepted. "everywhere where" sounds really odd.


You can't hear the où in the faster version.


Arghhh! Duo really?? "... everywhere where ..." you've got to be kidding us!


This is the most ridiculous translation i have ever seen in Duolingo. This is just plain dumb and shows that those who are in charge here have no respect for language or grammar, much less have any idea about teaching or the learning process of a new language. What a shame and disrespect for anyone who knows a little bit about a language. You will sweep wherever it is dirty. "everywhere where" that is disgusting, c'est degoutant. Not that any of you would understand.


Why not just use verb balayer - to sweep. This reads as you will pass the broom. Sounds clunky!


another copy-paste 'exercise', I will not let this poison my mind.


Would like to see consistency in marking misspellings wrong especially when they do not change meaning. Sometimes they are marked "typos" and sometimes they are not.


Does "You will sweep where it's dirty" not have the same meaning?


Not the same since "every" place was intended.


You will sweep everywhere where it's dirty." This is bad English, plain and simple. The proper translation for meaning would be simply, "You will sweep everywhere where it's dirty."


That makes no sense. They are both the same!

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