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  5. "Tanskalainen on viikinki."

"Tanskalainen on viikinki."

Translation:The Dane is a Viking.

June 27, 2020



Heh, I'm testing this as a native. Wouldn't "a Dane is a viking" be technically correct as well, since we don't use articles? The makes more sense for sure, but I mean technically.


Hmm... If you think of it as a generalisation, as in "every Dane is always a Viking", then yes. I'm going to have to ask some Danes whether that's true. I'll add it as an alternative translation should they say yes. ;)

[deactivated user]

    Tanskalainen on doesnt make sense in Finnish, they would usually say the subject of the sentence in this context. É.g. Tanskalainen mies, here rhe use of the nationality as the soul descriptor of a perso can be considered rather rude. I suggest Duolingo do a little more work on this.


    It seems that you can't use Danish, only Dane. :(


    "Danish" does not really work as a noun in English, only as an adjective. Unless you are talking about the pastry. Unfortunately, the pastry is known as viineri in Finnish, so we cannot have a sentence about a Viking pastry, as much as we would want to. ;)


    Oh, thank you for replying! Some rules are a little bit hard to understand. Anyway, kiitos! :)

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