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  5. "– Paljon onnea! – Kiitos!"

" Paljon onnea! Kiitos!"

Translation:– Best wishes! – Thank you!

June 27, 2020



For the curious:

  • paljon is the genitive singular of paljo—an adverb meaning plenty, much, a lot, etc.

  • onnea is the partitive singular of onni—as a interjection, it can either mean “happy birthday” or “best wishes/good luck”.

For this phrase, ”paljon” may be omitted—but so may not used alone as it is an adverb.


As i recall, the form "paljo" is rarely used; indeed, i can't recall it being used. (I was born in Finland, and am naturally bilingual in English and Finnish.)


How about paljon kiitoksia, as in many thanks or thank you very much? Is this fine?


Yes. But you wont hear many people say that though.


I do use it, but in a more playfyl way, usually accompanied by a little nod.


Kiitos. Here's a lingot :)


What is "paljo"? Nearly 50 years old finnish native and this is the first time I see this....


Sometimes the root word or the original nominative form of a word is no longer in use and hence a native speaker might say that form "doesn't exist". That does not mean the form didn't exist, and knowing that it did can help a learner understand why the remaining forms look like they do.


Does the m-dash (–) serve a particular function in Finnish?


In Swedish and Finnish the en dash (or in older books even the em dash) is an alternative to quotation marks when someone is saying something. So this is actually two lines, and two different persons speaking:

– Paljon onnea!

– Kiitos!

It's called talstreck or tankestreck in Swedish. You can read about it on wikipeadia, use Google translate for Enlish translation: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=fi&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Ffi.m.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FViivamerkit


Thank you so much for your excellent explanation.


Those are en-dashes (–). Em-dashes (—) are longer. That said, I have no answer for you. lol. I would also like to know the same thing.


I find the translation of Paljon Onnea to be clunky. Onnea means Good Luck, so I think Paljon Onnea should mean Best of Luck, instead of Best Wishes.


That option was missing from a couple of sentences in this lesson. I've added it now. It will take 1-2 weeks for the course to adopt my edit. :)


Does Paljon Onnea also mean congratulations?


Sort of. Many people think of it as "happy birthday".


Sometimes I don't get any notice at all when misspelling or writing completely wrong. This is my answer (copied): "Paljon onne kiitos", and I got no error and no additional note about misspelling.


What's the deal with the en-dashes?


Good luck! Thanks is accepted here, but in the reverse translation a few answers back in this drill, Paljon Onnea is not "correct" for Good luck.

Where is the CONSISTENCY?


The course is still in beta. When errors are detected you should just select "Report" and "My answer should be accepted", so that it will be reviewed.


We're no longer in Beta. While there are still some missing translations, in this case the translations claimed to be missing in the above comment have been there for months.. :)


That's nice to hear! But it still says "Beta" on the top left of the main courses page for Finnish: https://www.duolingo.com/learn

And there is still this major problem with all questions that are read out by a voice. When answering to them, minor errors are not alerted to the user. So when I hear the voice and write "Puhuu usein saksaa" instead of "Puhun usein saksaa", I don't even get to know there was a typo or error in my text. I've reported this to the main bug handling system a couple of times since last year, but get no response. Would you happen to have better contacts being a moderator, that would be great.


The problem of minor errors not being alerted is a general bug that appears in all the courses. It's not related to Finnish course per se, nor can the contributors do anything about it. The owl's tech wizards are working to get it fixed but it keeps resurfacing. The bug got some sisu. :P It takes a while for the Beta banner to go. It's been two weeks now since we graduated. The banner will be there for one or two more weeks before it finally retires. :)


That is good news nevertheless! A relief just to know that the bug is known to the right people, and is being worked on. Thank you for this information!

Perhaps they could have fixed the bug instead of adding those annoying cartoon people to the questions. My next wish is an On/Off switch for those (I can't stand to see them)... But this is not the right forum... I know.


Paljon onnea is basically Happy birthday


You can use it to congratulate people for graduating, getting married, getting a new job, and many other things, including celebrating your birthday. "Happy birthday" specifically would be Hyvää syntymäpäivää. :)


Kiitos here's ingot


I just got marked wrong for Congratulations! - Thank you!, but another Paljon onnea is labeled as congratulations... why did I get this wrong?


I actually copied and pasted your answer ("Congratulations! - Thank you!") into the answer text box right now, and it was not marked as wrong. It was correct, and another possible answer was shown as well: "Another correct solution: – Best wishes! – Thank you!" Perhaps you made some other mistake that you didn't realize.

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