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  5. "Hyvä Aino!"

"Hyvä Aino!"

Translation:Go Aino!

June 27, 2020



I think "Good job, Aino" should also be an acceptable translation :)


I know hyva means good, how do we know whether it is go or good. I've never heard that it meant go...I looked up the word, and go was not one of the many translations.


"To go" in Finnish is "mennä". If you were ordering Aino to go, you'd say "mene Aino". In this case though "hyvä Aino"/"go Aino" is someone cheering Aino on in a competition, as in "go team!". It's a bit misleading though, having this expression so early on without any context.


It is. Hyvä Suomi!


I seem to have a problem with accidentally typing in the English of the word, and vice versa-is there really any fix for this? My streaks tank every time I do this, and I really want to get better at finnish.


Unless it's meant as cheering hyvä should translate to good... Go (cheering) seems missleading.

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