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  5. "This juice is orange."

"This juice is orange."

Translation:Tämä mehu on oranssia.

June 27, 2020



I would like to know why we don't use "mehua" here as well. It is uncountable so it is partitive too, right?


As I said earlier, 'mehu is the subject. The one that is something. And that 'something' is orange, so we change it to partitive 'oranssia'.

[deactivated user]

    Why is it mehu and oranss(ia) if the subject is not in the partitive??


    'Mehu' is the subject. It's uncountable (it's liquid) so you change the nominative form 'oranssi' into 'oranssia'.

    If you could count the juice (not in packages) as one juice, two juices etc. you would say 'mehu is oranssi'


    Does that answer to your question or is it not that great? ^^


    I think he means why is it not mehua?

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