"You are not tired, that is good."

Translation:Chan eil thu sgìth, is math sin.

June 27, 2020

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Is sin math not accepted


is sin math makes no sense in Gaelic, the words don’t make any sensible grammatical meaning in this order – it sounds a bit as if you tried to define object called math as a that (and notice that a good is a that wouldn’t work as a sentence in English either).

You can read more about the syntax of the words meaning to be: the verb bi and the copula is in the Guide to Scottish to be I wrote a few days ago. I explain the phrase is math sin there too (but beware, it’s a lengthy post).


What does "is" mean in the Gaelic sentence?


It means is, it is the copula verb (is math sin word-for-word means is good it; it is an alternative archaic way of describing things that is common in certain set phrases like this one. It is the same is as in eg. is mise Seumas for I am James)


I'm confused. On other lessons they use thusa for you. You are not tired - chan eil thusa sgith. And now it's wrong. Someone please explain?

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