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"I am hungry and the sausage is right there."

Translation:Minulla on nälkä ja makkara on tuossa.

June 27, 2020



How about the difference between the "tuossa" and "tuolla" where both means there? Is it "right there= tuossa" and "there = tuolla" or is there a logic to differentiate both?


Yup. The same goes for "tässä" and "täällä". :)

"tässä" - right here, exactly in this spot (precise)

"täällä" - over here, somewhere around this area (less precise)

"tuossa" - right there, exactly in that spot (precise)

"tuolla" - over there, somewhere around that area (less precise)


Thank you, i was wondering whats the difference between those 4 words too, now i understand it! :)


Is "[...] ja tuossa on makkara." a wrong word order, or just a missing solution?


The difference in the word order is roughly the same thing English expresses with a/the. "Tuossa on makkara." = "There is a sausage right there." Versus: "Makkara on tuossa." = "The sausage is right there."


Hmm... Did you report it? Then we'll see what the contributors think.

I'd say the meaning of your sentence is somewhat different: in your sentence, the existence of the sausage is new information, and there is less emphasis on it's location. In Duo's sentence, the stress is on the sausage (which seems to be something we already know exists) being right there, just when we are hungry.

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Vegetarian horror story


There are vegan sausages... but don't bother


I love this sentence haha


Minun on nälkä. Is it possible?


Only if you want to sound very poetic or even vaguely Biblical. See this similar discussion: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39886806.

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