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"Finland, the Finnish language, and a Finn"

Translation:Suomi, suomi ja suomalainen

June 27, 2020



It could also be "Suomi, suomen kieli, ja suomalainen" :)


Would it be acceptable to use ”Suomen tasavalta” in lieu of ”Suomi”? :P


Suomen tasavalta = the republic of Finland.


Why placing "kieli" on the phrase is wrong???


suomen kieli is an accepted answer for "the Finnish language". If you have problems with it again, check your spelling (in case of a typo) and then report it by clicking the flag icon. :)


Why not “suomi kieli”?


Because it is in the wrong case.

I might be wrong about the explanation since I am a learner too, but as I understand it, when you want to express a possession, you need to use the genitive case, which is adding the -n at the end of the word. But also, if the word ends on the letter -i (like suomi), it becomes -e. When you apply all that, suomi becomes suomen, grammatically treating the word "language" as a possesion of finland


I'd add that 'Finnish' in 'the Finnish language' is an adjective, and 'suomi' is a noun. So 'suomi kieli' would read wrong in the same way that a 'juice steak' is not the same as a 'juicy steak', if that makes sense?


I used "suomea" as the language part of this and it said it was wrong, even though this was suggested in the vocab mouse over of the Finnish phrase. If it's not going to be accepted then why suggest it?


Suomea is a (partitiivi) Ex: En ymmärrä suomea. - I don't understand Finnish.


Because the 'suggestions' are like a dictionary, they tell you a/some translation(s) of the word, but they do not take into account the context, which might exclude certain options.


What about "suomalainen kieli"?


That would imply that there are more than one languages which are Finnish.

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