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  5. "Niet op een maandag."

"Niet op een maandag."

Translation:Not on a Monday.

August 4, 2014



Does one ever say in English "on A Monday"? If yes, how is it different from "on Monday"?


Well, I say "on a Monday" when I am referring to Mondays in general, and then just "on Monday" when I am referring specifically to only the next Monday.


Thank you! Being not a native speaker it's always hard to feel these things :)


Why not to say on Mondays?


Another reason to use "on a Monday" would be if you're talking about something that will happen on one Monday, but you don't want to say which particular Monday: "No one came to our last dinner party, which we held on a Friday; perhaps we should try having one on a Monday!" In this case, if you were to simply say "on Monday", your audience might assume you mean the following Monday. And if you were to simply say "on Friday", your audience might assume you mean the previous Friday.


I'm not sure if it's a regional difference, but where I'm from, we would say "on Mondays" to refer to them in general and "on Monday" when referring to the Monday that just happened or the one coming up. I seldom hear people say "on a Monday"


If you you're making plans and you say "let's do it on a Monday!" is not the same as saying "let's do it on Monday!" which means the following monday. And you cannot say "let's do it on Mondays" if it's a one time thing. The "a" is to imply randomness/imprecision.


if you dont want to particulate or/and want to generalise something you do the above


It is really good have this points in mind, i thought "on monday" and "on a monday" had exactly the same mean in English!!!… so, how can I make an emphasis in dutch?… "op aan maandag" / "ik ga naar jouw huis op maandagavond" is it good?


Days never start by capital letter?


Only at the beginning of a sentence.


why should with "a Monday". Why not "Monday"

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