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  5. "Seisomme liian kaukana."

"Seisomme liian kaukana."

Translation:We are standing too far.

June 27, 2020



Out of interest, how would you say 'we, too, are standing far away', or 'we are standing far away, too'? I'm guessing this is a different word, and I misunderstood the hint.


Mekin seisomme kaukana.

The -kin kan be added to other words in the same way: sinäkin, koirakin, eilenkin = you too, the dog too, yesterday too.


Thank you! My idle wonderment is satiated.


Idle wonderment can get you places!


How would you say "We are standing too far apart"? I guessed that as the answer because otherwise "standing" seems overly specific in English.


Me seisomme liian kaukana toisistamme.

Toinen means the the other, so toisistamme means from each other.


This is meaningless/ an incomplete phrase in english. Too far apart, too far away, there is no object in the sentence.


Why in this exercise ME is avoided and is correct and 2 previous exercises I ommited it and was red flagged!!!????


It's not avoided here. This sentence (when translating from the English) is equally fine with or without the "me".

Why omitting it wasn't possible in the previous exercise (which one was it?), can be one of at least two things: Either it was a sentence where it really is required, such as when comparing people, for example We seisomme ja te istutte. Or it wasn't a sentence with "me" but rather with "he", which can't be omitted.

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