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"Pelaavatko kaikki huuhkajat jalkapalloa?"

Translation:Do all eagle owls play soccer?

June 27, 2020



Huuhkajat is the pet name of the Finnish national men's soccer team. They only got this name 15ish years ago, when an eagle owl paused a game by sitting down on the goal and refusing to move. And this was at the Olympic stadium in the middle of Helsinki! The crowd started chanting "Huuhkaja, huuhkaja!". I was mostly impressed by the ability of the crowd to identify the exact species of owl... Since then, other national teams have also adopted animal names: the men's basketball team became Susijengi (the wolf gang), and there may be others. The men's ice hockey team was of course always Leijonat, from the Finnish coat of arms.


Great story, thanks! I had wondered about the term eagle owl being used in this unit.


Football should be accepted. Football, soccer same thing in my book.


Does every Eagle owl play football? Is a good translation that Duolingo might like to consider


I suspect that might be 'Pelaako jokainen huuhkaja jalkapalloa?'


I agree with HappyMatti


What is the difference between jalis and jalkapallo?


Jalkapallo is a formal word, jalis is colloquial.

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