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"Mitä siilit sanovat ja miksi?"

Translation:What do the hedgehogs say and why?

June 27, 2020



Does not require the article 'the'. The Finnish sentence is talking about hedgehogs in general. Reported.


Yes, but if I understand correctly, it could be either way, so both are correct.

Likewise, I think I recall something that was said very early in the course, that the first noun in the sentence can be assumed to take the definite article.

I suspect there's a lot of subtle Finnish syntax that makes up for the lack of articles and provides clarity in instances such as this. We may simply be too new to the language to learn that syntax without being overwhelmed.


It looks like some specific hedgehogs to me who said something for a reason, so the definite article is justified in my opinion.


That's exactly was i was wondering about...


Could this sentence also mean "What are the hedgehogs saying and why?"? Thanks.

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