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  5. "The snake bites the wolf."

"The snake bites the wolf."

Translation:Käärme puraisee sutta.

June 27, 2020



Puraisee (puraista) specifically means one quick bite. The more basic word for biting is purra, which would here be Käärme puree sutta.


Käärme puree sutta conjures up a horrible scene ... a snake puréeing a wolf :-/


Wolf is "susi" when it's the subject and "sutta" when it's the object in a sentence? Now that I'm reading through the discussions after I've made errors I'm slowly making progress. Kiitos!


Sutta is the partitive object, yes. If it were the whole object, such as I own a wolf, it'd be Omistan suden.

Wiktionary is a good website for finding all the forms of all the words.


Thanks very much, Annika. And thank you for your many responses I've noticed throughout the discussion fora. I'll never be completely fluent but at least the next time we visit beautiful Finland I'll be able to make myself understood to some of my wife's older relatives who don't speak any English.


Thank you Stiu! :-)

I might be slightly addicted to this course and to trying to wrestle it out of beta... It's almost worse than my instant addiction back when I discovered Duolingo in 2013! I still don't speak French, but Duolingo did help get me to the level where I can read novels, which is a good place to be.


You're most welcome and if this is you addicted, consider me an enabler. :-) Reading novels in another language is a huge accomplishment and something worth aiming for. I hope I'm able to do the same some day. If I may ask, are you Finnish? I'm a 63 year old, happily married Canadian man living in Vancouver. I'd have to say learning languages was much easier a thousand years ago when I was in my teens but I'm pleased that my ossifying grey matter is still up for a challenge.


Yes, I'm a bilingual Finn. I actually went to school in Swedish, but I use Finnish just as much.

We may all be getting older and slower, but there were no such tools as Duolingo back in the day... And no online dictionaries to make looking up words fast and easy while reading those foreign novels ;-) But then again, there was nothing "online" at all to distract us from learning... You win some, you lose some, I guess. And of course learning languages actively combats that ossification!

My current challenge is Russian... A whole different beast. I see you're also familiar with that one.


Annika, come on. Russian cases are a piece of cake compared to the Finnish. And knowing Swedish, English and French helps a lot with vocabulary and structure.

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