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"Pierre ne garde jamais les restes, il les jette."

Translation:Pierre never keeps leftovers; he throws them away.

June 27, 2020



Scandalous! What kind of chef is he? Has he not learned from Julia Child that the essence of French cooking is working with leftovers? ;-)


What's wrong with 'the leftovers'?


Minimalism would be not preparing enough for there to be leftovers. Unless you mean fridge minimalism, but if that's the goal, just eat at restaurants and let a friend take yours home.


why not 'the leftovers'?????


I wrote "Pierre doesn't ever keep leftovers; he throws them away". It was marked incorrect and I accept that. But, my question is as follows: How is "doesn't ever" written in French?


"Ne … jamais". There is no way to distinguish in French between "doesn't ever" and "does never", so far as I am aware.


Pierre doesn't keep leftovers he throws them out." not accepted.


He throws them away=he throws away them ? But it marked wrong


In fact if the complement is a pronoun it just comes between the verb and its particle. He throws them away. If the complement is a noun it can come between the verb and the particle or after the particle. I threw a lot of things away = I threw away a lot of things.. but I threw them away!


I suppose that theoretically it shouldn't be wrong, but it sure as heck feels wrong!

And I've now discovered why it is wrong in theory as well as practice. See above.


Seriously! Left overs is not acceptable!


The word is "leftovers". This sentence is not about cricket, be they left, right or remaining overs.


There was no "he" in the list of words below the quote

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