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"The American tourist wants to visit both Germany and France."

Translation:Amerikkalainen turisti haluaa käydä sekä Saksassa että Ranskassa.

June 27, 2020



why is it saksassa instead of only saksa. i thought the -sse was for 'in somewhere'. So would the proper translation also be 'the american tourist wants to visit both IN Germany ans IN Freance' ?


I came to ask the same question.


I agree. If correct English is used there is no need for 'in Germany or in France'. Therefore, using Saksassa and Ranskassa is not correct.


In Finnish you have to say Saksassa and Ranskassa when visiting them. It doesn't matter whether the English sentence has in or not.

In Finnish visiting or being somewhere usually requires inessive (-ssa/-ssä). In some cases adessive (-lla/-llä) is used instead.


Käydä demands the ending to be -ssa. It's the inessiivi, I think. Käydä means "to go there and come back". Visit is probably the best word as a translation.


Thank you for the explanation. So it can be thought of as something like "to be for a little while" (IN somewhere) :)


"vierailla" works just as well as "käydä" and needs to be accepted. Reported.

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