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  5. "Neulotko sinä takkia?"

"Neulotko sinä takkia?"

Translation:Are you knitting a cardigan?

June 27, 2020



It has always been a "coat", until this one


Coat should be accepted for takki

[deactivated user]

    I have no idea what a cardigan is. According to the hover it is the same as coat? why such a word, if coat is available?


    I think it's "neuletakki", so a coat that's knitted rather than some other type of coat or jacket. "Neuletakki" (or "neule") are usually pretty thin, so you can wear them indoors or during summer evenings when it gets a bit colder.

    [deactivated user]

      ok, so that means that takki is just coat (any kind will do) and the knitted sort is neule[takki]. But from the little context the sentence provides, the pronouncer really does mean a knitted coat i.e. a cardigan. And I am back where I started. I should improve my English, before trying to learn FInnish :-{.

      EDIT: Thanks for your reply mate. It actually does make sense now.


      Finnish uses a lot of compound words. So there are

      • takki : a coat, jacket (of any kind if no context)
      • neuletakki : a cardigan, sweater; of cotton and/or synthetic fibers
      • villatakki : eh?, a woollen cardigan
      • hupputakki, (colloq.) huppari : a hooded jacket, a hoodie
      • talvitakki : a winter coat (3/4 or full length, thick coat, usually a mix of wool and synthetic fibers)
      • turkistakki or turkki : a fur coat (of any length)
      • kesätakki : a summer coat
      • pikkutakki : a waist-length blazer, a suit jacket
      • bleiseri (← [en] blazer) : a half, waist-length or a longer blazer (not part of a full suit)
      • puvun takki : a suit jacket
      • välikausitakki : a coat for autumn and spring (somewhere between kesä- ja talvitakki in thickness, half or 3/4 length)
      • tuulitakki : a windbreaker
      • fakkutakki : a denim, jeans jacket
      • nahkatakki : a leather jacket (of any length)


      Jacket and coat need to be allowable options.


      All options for "takki" that are in the hints need to be accepted. Just got a wrong for "coat", and "coat" has been accepted everywhere before. Reported.


      I would suggest using something other than takki here, as mentioned above neuletakki would be more accurate (I mean, knitted coats??)


      Why is 'jacket not allowed? A jacket and a cardigan both have front openings like a coat but are not so heavy as a coat and both could be knitted.


      Oxford learner's dictionaries define a jacket as

      1 a piece of clothing worn on the top half of the body over a shirt, etc. that has arms and fastens down the front; a short, light coat

      and then gives examples like "a leather/denim/tweed jacket" and a list of other types of jackets. My reading is that common for all those types is that fabric is not knitted.

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