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  5. "It has two kittens."

"It has two kittens."

Translation:Sillä on kaksi pentua.

June 27, 2020



So why is the default answer not specifying that it's about kittens? "Kissanpentua" should be the default answer if you're gonna use 'kitten'.


The original sentence is the Finnish one, not the English one. If they chose a sentence with "pentu", why not? It's a valid sentence in Finnish. Of course, it's ambiguous, as it can be puppies, kittens, cubs, and whatnot. I just hope they accept all these answers in English.


I think it's assumed that it is already known that the speaker is talking about a cat. "Kissalla on kaksi kissanpentua" would sound silly, so when "kissalla" is switched to "sillä", we don't re-specify that it's about cats.


I think it sound silly anyhow. Nobody says 'sillä on kaksi kissanpentua' if we are talking about the mother cat. 'Sillä on kaksi pentua.' would be correct. A person might have two kittens as a pet and in informal speech one can say 'sillä on kaksi kissanpentua' meaning the human who has them as pets.


Why silla instead of se?


Se on kaksi (kissan)pentua would mean "it is two kittens". Finnish doesn't have a separate verb for "to have", so instead we use the pronoun inflected to the -lla/-llä form + the "to be" verb olla.


silla on 2 pentua

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