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"Il n'y a aucune sucrerie chez mes parents."

Translation:There aren't any sweets at my parents'.

June 27, 2020



'There isn't a single sweet' means the same surely?


"Not a single" has been used/taught in other places in this very lesson, but it is mysteriously not acceptable here. Would probably help if a single person proofread the lesson, but hey...it's a perfect example of Duo's "toe the line or lose points" policy.

Also, re "chez," is it true that the French have no word for "home"?


There is a word for "home", the same word as "hearth": "le foyer", but it is used in a much narrower set of contexts than we use the word "home".

For the French, Home is where the Hearth is! 🤡


@GraemSarge, Thanks for that :-)


It was accepted for me in this way, "There's not a single sweet at my parents house." Though I think it should have been rejected because I used house, rather than place. (I got lucky)


"There isn't a single sweet at my parents'" as geoff8407 says is surely as good as, if not a better, translation


There are NO sweets at my parents' house...This is correct., not a typo. Duo wanted me to say "There are NOT sweets at my parents' house". This is not incorrect, it is just not normal English.


Why is 'there isn't a single sweet' not acceptable?


Now accepted 1 July 2021


I thought 'sweets' were 'bonbo ns '---???


A better translation for "des sucreries" is "sweet things".

My dictionary defines it as a plural noun, I think that "aucune sucrerie" is the only time that you will see it in the singular.


There are not any sweets at my parent's place was counted wrong?!

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