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  5. "Tässä on pieni pöllö."

"Tässä on pieni pöllö."

Translation:It has a small owl.

June 27, 2020



I would think that the correct translation in English would be 'Here's a small owl' (within reach, for example when someone is holding it and showing it to you)?


Yup, sounds good!


"It has" refers to a "someone has" not somewhere that "tässä" (there is) refers to


Yup, this is wrong, did you report it?


Maybe not ... or even if they did, it's the same 5 months later. Will report again - 22 Dec 2020.


Yeah, I've given up on these sentences. It seems they'll be overhauled in the next version of the tree.


Maybe we could go full David Attenborough? "Here we have a little owl"? Seriously, I do get the impression that this could be a good translation (drawing attention to something that is near and reachable / easily viewable). Just need to avoid the "it has" at all costs!


No no, there are ways of understanding this sentence as "it has". I've just given up on trying to squint hard enough and also make you all squint equally hard to get us all to see them... For now.


I agree with the comments below and have tagged a number of places where this occurs in the exercises. This just is NOT the equivalent of English "It has."


Silla on = it has Tässä on = there is...(right) here


So I copied this sentence to my native finnish friend, and just told him to translate. Instant reply is "Here is a small owl". This is really-really misleading. If you actually need to write it out, it will get accepted, but tells you that the right answer is: It has an owl.


It is a small own


No. That would be se on

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