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  5. "It has a small rock."

"It has a small rock."

Translation:Tässä on pieni kivi.

June 27, 2020



"It has" should be "there is"


Agree. there is. Confusing!!


Why isn't "Sillä on pieni kivi" accepted?


It has been added now, so should be accepted within a couple of weeks.

[deactivated user]

    Tässä on is here is, Tuossa on is there is. Niether can be translated as " it has"


    "Tässä on" can absolutely be translated as "It has", if it is a description of an item and its features. Admittedly, with a rock I can't come up with a better example than a tacky description of an engagement ring, but it still works.

    Anyway, this translation exercise is from English into Finnish. Both Sillä on and Tässä on are now accepted translations.


    The translation exercise is in both directions. Duolingo uses the same comment section for both the English to Finnish and the Finnish to English exercises. I see the Finnish to English right now.


    Hmm, that's weird, because that's not normally the case. This is the actual discussion for the Finnish to English one: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39954695.


    You are right in this case; I was wrong but couldn't go back on mobile to correct myself. I know that in the past I have seen both directions (and even other types of exercises like fill-in-the-blank) merged in one discussion. I wonder if this has changed site-wide, or is a specific choice for Finnish?


    I checked the Swedish course and a random sentence pair from it. It had two separate discussions from 5 years ago. I don't think I've ever seen merged discussions in the courses I've done here.

    The different types of exercises do indeed share their discussions, because each discussion is tied to a particular sentence.


    But wouldn't "It has a small rock", in case of your example of a ring, be "Siinä on pieni kivi"?

    Not "tässä on", which would be "this has" or "here is"?


    voi voi duo, vastaus on vaarassa.



    "Vastaus on väärä."

    "olla vaarassa" is e.g. "to be in danger"


    Really confusing English translation.


    Please see my post above to see why it's not a wrong translation.


    Thank you so much! Edited my comment because somehow I missed your explanation. :)


    I guess really confusing is marginally better than wrong X-D

    We are thinking hard about these "Tässä on" sentences, but haven't come up with an ideal solution yet... And there are a lot of other little fires to be put out as well.


    I think it will help immensely when there are notes for this lesson, describing the usage you have described here. I'm still not clear on it, and would never be able to use it in Finnish myself. For one thing, I don't see why you would ever use "Tässä on..." instead of "Sillä on...". Is it a meaning of "this has"? If so, the English sentence should reflect that.


    Hmm, I'm not sure I can explain the difference between tässä on and sillä on (you see why I'm not the one writing the notes... ;-) ), but there is a difference. Sillä kind of refers to something further away, at least mentally, whereas tässä on is some thing (or place, in which case it would not be translated as "it has") very near you.

    But yes, soonish the notes for this blob should exist, and I think this whole topic will be different in the next version of the tree (which will not be ready soonish).


    Thank you, annika_a. I'll agree with illexsquid about having notes for the lesson. Without them, we are just trying to guess how and why each expression works in the other language. For some of them it's OK, but for this one it seems a big leap.


    The notes are coming, slowly but steadily.


    All I know is that I was given the English sentence above and asked to translate it into Finnish using word buttons. I expected "sillä", but it wasn't given as a choice. "Tässä" never entered my mind. I didn't know how to translate this. The English sentence doesn't seem to match the available Finnish translations.


    Tässä on does not translate as It has.


    My word choices included tässä and tuossa. Is tuossa definitely wrong?

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