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  5. "Hän on shamaani."

"Hän on shamaani."

Translation:He is a shaman.

June 27, 2020



Just out of curiousity. Why would one include this word in Finnish lessons?


Exactly, same thing as velho (a wizard)


Oh, alright! Thank you both for the answers.


'' Everyday conversations ''


It's not that outlandish, considering many visitors to Finland visit Lapland. It's after all one of the few regions in Europe where shamanistic practices haven't completely died out. They're sometimes reduced to tourist kitsch but that just makes it more likely that a tourist would encounter the phenomenon.


Maybe they are preparing us for when we play RPGs in Finnish


Hän is both he and she. Would it also be used for nonbinary people? Equivalent to the English singular 'they'?


What is a shamaani?


Shamanism is a religious practice that involves a practitioner, a shaman, who is believed to interact with a spirit world through altered states of consciousness


Why are words "shamaani" and "velho" so important in Finnish culture?


They are not. It is duolingo having a laugh.


Because in Finland, every guy goes to the bar after work on Friday and after a few beers, he's a shaman, hehe


How are we supposed to know the difference between she and he when Han is used? Context?


Yep, the context is the only way to know, when "Hän" is used.


Wherher a woman can be a shaman is a hot topic in many areas. Moxt people brudgingly admit that a woman can do what a shaman does, although they may grumpily add that it isn't the same.


Earlier Duo corrected my answer to "samaani" instead of "shamaani". Which one is it?


Technically the correct one is šamaani. Finnish tries to always mark a single sound with a single letter. Since "š/sh" is not native to Finnish, it only occurs in some loan words. Most Finns tend to favour "sh" in spelling because it's intuitive but it does not follow the "single sound" rule and officially you're supposed to use "s" when you can't produce "š" (or don't know how to produce it on Finnish keyboard). So, technically "samaani" is more correct while "shamaani" is more common.


"Kalevala" answers all the questions about shamans, wizards and kantele :)


I put she in instead of he and it was wrong. Is there any way of knowing whether it should be he or she?


The context is the only way to know, when "Hän" is used. So, here both the "He" and the "She" should work.


Why there is always no audio on "shamaani" sentences so we can't hear how the word is pronounced?


Why doesn't "He is the shaman" work here? How would you say "He is the shaman"?


Nobody is going to go to Finland and say, he is a shaman.


Its just to get you familar with words I guess, my girlfriend is Finnish and she says that "velho", "Undulaatti" and "shamaani" awell as other words are never really used.


Noooo! I was so looking forward to using the phrase, 'the shaman kicked the wizard', to a Finn to impress them. 'The parrot runs in the forest with the wolverines'.


Why are not priest or pastor taught here?


The word "shaman" is introduced in "The North" section. I understand this section as something that tries to introduce topics that are either characteristic or unique to the Nordics or even to the Polar regions of the Nordics. The fact that the northern parts of the Nordics still have some living shamanistic traditions is quite rare in Europe. I'm sure "priest" will come up in the "Religion" section as soon as one is developed. That's certainly where it usually is in other Duolingo courses.


The Saami have their own language.

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