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Can anyone recommend a good Finnish-English dictionary?

Can anyone recommend a good bilingual Finnish-English directory? Preferably as comprehensive as possible.

June 27, 2020



I'll check it out, thanks.


Wiktionary is also a good resource for Finnish.


Thank you for the suggestions everyone, I'll try them out.

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Mostly I quick check words from plain old Google translate. IMO it usually provides pretty good results for individual words. Yet still I feel it's no good for any more complex use than that.

For special or area specific words I usually got good results using Wikipedia - just look up the word you have and use the "Languages" menu on the left to see the word in a language you need. It also gives you some context whether the translation is what you really are after.

Lastly, https://redfoxsanakirja.fi/en/dictionary isn't bad. The free version might be a bit narrow.


https://en.bab.la/dictionary/english-finnish/ Bab.la is my go to dictionary often for most languages.


I still like printed books, and I regularly use the extensive "English - Finnish General Dictionary" and "Finnish - English General Dictionary" (Englanti - Suomi suursanakirja; Suomi - Englanti suursanakirja). They are the best printed books, published by Werner Söderström in Finland, and contain about 1500 pages each of them, and have a lot of explanations and examples. The only problem in my mind is that they lack modern computer vocabulary, as my books are printed in 1992 / 1984. They don't any more print such large paper books, but you can buy used ones at Amazon.

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