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  5. "How often do you ride?"

"How often do you ride?"

Translation:Miten usein ratsastat?

June 27, 2020



Is there any difference between "kuinka usein" and "miten usein"?


I can't think of any difference. Personally, I associate "miten" more strongly to mean "in what way", so using "kuinka" to ask about quantity sounds better to me, but both are completely acceptable here.


Well, kuinka is not :(


(not accepted)


I find it that in some questions adding "sinä" is wrong and in others if I don't put it - then that is wrong. Why is "Miten usein sinä ratsastat?" wrong here?


It's not wrong! It's correct with and without the word "sinä". Remember to report these kinds of mistakes, so that the creators can see and fix them!


What kind of riding are we talking about? In some other languages, riding a bike is a completely different word than riding a horse.


Ratsastaa only refers to riding a horse (or a cow...or a dolphin...) For bikes, cars etc. you either use the verb "ajaa" if you are driving or something like the expression "olla kyydissä" (to be carried by) if you're not.

"Ratsastaa" has such a strong connotation with a horse that usually you don't even mention it. If you NEED to specify, it would be "ratsastaa hevosella" (it's also possible to say "ratsastaa hevosta" but that's already pretty technical lingo for expert riders)

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