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  5. "Tuo teatteri on melko outo."

"Tuo teatteri on melko outo."

Translation:That theater is pretty weird.

June 27, 2020



Alternative Translations = That theater is quite strange, That theater is quite odd, That theater is quite weird, That theater is quite bizzare

Outo = Weird, Odd, Strange, Bizarre

Melko = Pretty, Quite, Fairly, Somewhat

Any combination of these words should be okay in English, and they all mean essentially the same thing


Most of these should already be accepted. omituinen is a better match for "bizarre" though (although we'll include it if we get enough reports). Please report any translation you think should be added by clicking on the flag icon. :)


What about oudohko? The suffix -hko/-hkö means "almost" or "a bit".


That's a really good observation! I think our team needs to discuss that thoroughly before making any decisions. I'll leave it out for now. :)


it didn't accept "a bit strange"?

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