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  5. "olen työssä" vs "olen töissä"


"olen työssä" vs "olen töissä"

Could someone explain what the difference is please?

June 27, 2020



"Olen töissä" = "I am at work"

"Olen työssä" I have never heard anyone say this, but I googled it. Apparently some people use this, but it definitely isn't a common way of saying that you are at work. So I would use "Olen töissä"

The difference between these sentences is that one of them is singular and the other one is plural.

työ=work, job
työssä=in work

työt=work, jobs
töissä=in work, in jobs

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As a nuance note I understand olen töissä mostly as "I am at my workplace", i.e. some place directly related to work. If I were doing some remote work from home or café I would probably just say teen töitä (I'm working).

Olen työssä sounds like you are in the middle of some task, cf. olen työn touhussa. But as pointed out, it's not really that widely used and this comment has mostly curiosity value.


Kieltoimiston sanakirja: työ


Kiitos! I've been wondering about that for ages.


So hang on, am I right in thinking that you might say "työssä" but not "olen työssä"?


Yes, "työssä" is a real word. E.g. "käytän työssäni tietokonetta" = "In my work I use a computer". But it seems more specific, suggesting a particular task or the activity you actually do when you are at work.


Sure, depends on the sentence in which you are saying it, but it is a real word.


first . olen työssä: im in work second. olen töissä: im at work


the second one is right. the first sounds a little bit odd


Wow, I wasn't expecting so many replies. You've all been so helpful, thank you so much!

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