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"Finnish is a small but beautiful language."

Translation:Suomi on pieni mutta kaunis kieli.

June 27, 2020



small language? what is meant by this? small population speaking Finnish?

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Your guess is correct. It's an idiomatic expression in Finnish to say there are relatively few speakers of the language.


I don't think I've come across with the expression "pieni kieli" in this sense though - sounds funny to me, as in buying a cow's tongue or something (which isn't exactly small). :D But I'm not saying it doesn't exist or that there wouldn't be some who use it.

I'd maybe rather use 'vähäinen' [minor] or something to express the fact that we're small in numbers (not to be confused with 'vähäpätöinen' [insignificant] in this case, though sometimes they can have some overlap in meaning). But that again is my personal preference. :)


Doesn't sound good in English though and is just literally translated


'Small language' sounds weird..


Suomen kieli on pieni mutta kaunis kieli.

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