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"Boy, do you realize that this room is messy?"

Translation:Poika, tajuatko sinä, että tämä huone on sotkuinen?

June 27, 2020



For anyone wondering, poika cannot be used as a substitute for the English interjection "boy!" as in "boy, what a rainy day!" Saying voi pojat (oh boys) instead would convey that meaning: Voi pojat, miten sotkuinen tämä huone on (Oh boy how messy this room is.)


Thanks, I was wondering that. Having boy=poika also as an interjection would seem to be too coincidental.


When getting this sentence, että was never previously discussed. Does anyone have any info on that?


"Että" is a conjunction word that starts a subordinate clause. It refers to something in the main clause and most often can be translated as "That".


This sassy sentence feels so much like a toxic American childhood, I almost hid under my bed until it was over


Is –inen reliably a common ending for adjectives? Sotkuinen, suomalainen, valkoinen, etc.?


There don’t seem to be any tips or vocabulary for this group of lessons - or is my tablet misbehaving?


There's no tips on the ap for Finnish. You have to log into the browser to access them for some reason. This really should be fixed by now.

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