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"Herra Pöllönen, viro on tärkeä kieli."

Translation:Mr. Pöllönen, Estonian is an important language.

June 27, 2020



Herra ja rouva Duolingo, onko sinulla viro? (Mr. and Mrs. Duolingo, do you have Estonian?) :-)

Hope to see Estonian one day! Still can't believe Finnish was made! :D


Herra ja rouva Duolingo, onko teillä viro?

I hope to see Estonian in Duolingo too. Sinihallitusjuusto is best hommikustöök!


*viroa, though.

Or maybe better Onko teillä viron kielen kurssia?

Kas teil on Eesti keele kursus?


Fun fact that "hallitus" doesn't mean same things in Finnish and Estonian. In Finnish it means "government" while in Estonian it means "mold".

I'm not kidding!


Estonians have the right idea(?) Once mold gets in a place it's hard to remove for good -- bad governments have a similar characteristic.


Finnish and Estonian have a lot of "false friends". Such words arise in all related languages as words change in form and meaning during the course of time. Still, it seems to me that there are especially many false friends between Finnish and Estonian.

The Estonian word "hallitus" for moald is derived from the word "hall" which means "grey". This word still exists in Finnish in some specific meanings: "halli" is a synonyme for "harmaahylje" (grey seal), the most common seal in the Baltic sea. (The Finnish word for "grey" is "harmaa".). A (grey) dog in Finland may still get the name "Halli".

On the other hand, the Finnish word for government "hallitus" is derived from the verb "hallita" (to govern). In Estonian the corresponding verb is "valitseda". Thus, government is in Estonian "valitsus". There exists a similar verb also in Finnish, "vallita", which means "to dominate".


Sinihallitusjuust on parim hommikusöök. If you wanted to say it in estonian .


The good news is : I don't


"Onko sinulla Viro?" = "Do you (s.) have Estonia?"

• "Do you (pl.) have Estonian" = "Onko teillä viroa/ viron kieltä" [or: "viron (kielen) kurssia" = "Estonian (language) course"]


Estonian and Finnish are the languages of the Elves. Tolkien used these to create Elvish languages. Estonian is also important if you always want to have a strong password online :)


Translitered Akkadian, Middle Egyptian, Sumerian, and other similar ones isn't shabby either. :D


Hei hei what about iceland? Most of the population at elves


"Eesti, Eesti, Eesti, tahdon sinne p**keleesti. (Onko Viro kirosana -tana!)" by Juice Leskinen


I think there must be an Estonian on the team...


Duo knows what's important!


I like this course more and more every day...


Is there a language that isn't important?

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