"Elle signerait des documents sans les lire ?"

Translation:She would sign documents without reading them?

June 27, 2020

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Would she sign documents without reading them? Incorrect?


Indeed, that's correct. Have you reported it?


this is still marked incorrect as of December 1, 2020. Reported


This is accepted. However, if you say "sign the documents" instead of "sign documents" it will be marked wrong.


"Would she sign the documents without reading them?" should be accepted.


I disagree.

Des in this case is the plural indefinite article. This article is the plural of un/une. It doesn't exist in the English language.

The closest translation would be "some" or "more than one". It often isn't translated at all. But it never means " the" (which would be les).


You have an extra word. You need to say "sign documents" instead of "sign the documents"


I don't understand why questions aren't inverted. The answer presented should be as gidrough siggests the given answer is incorrect and not good english. Reported.


I agree that gidrough's version should be accepted, but to be clear, the alternative is also valid. Gidrough's version is a simple interrogatory of whether she would or would not do something. On the other hand the Duo translation is more a question of disbelief. That being said, I would still say that the gidrough's version is the more natural way an English speaker would translate this if not doing a direct translation.


I imagine there are two reasons that Duo does it this way.

  • Their emphasis is on conversational French, where the statement-as-question form is much more common.

  • They want to push the skills involved in making affirmative statements while not overemphasizing question forms.

I believe all forms of making questions should be accepted so they don't frustrate us users so much. So I report these lessons as I run across them. I have found that eventually they do "fix" these issues eventually.

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